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uDesign is an easy to use uniform design tool for music apparel.

Choose an existing design from one of our annual collections or a designer collection and colorize it and/or change uniform components. You can also use components from various designs to work from scratch.

Create an account to save your designs and receive notifications of updated designs, by clicking on REGISTER.

MY DESIGNS - is your saved designs library, in which you can edit a design, download it to your device or delete.

CREATE YOUR OWN - resets your canvas.

LOGIN - to access your account.

UPDATE ACCOUNT INFO - when logged in, to change your information. Your information is for DeMoulin use only.

VIEW - Designs may have views other than a front view

LAYERS – To select or delete your working layer.

MODELS – Canvas background choices.

APPAREL – Allows you to choose existing designs or creating your own from scratch

TEXT – Add text to your design

IMAGES – Allows you to upload and use your logo on your design.

Layer tools

Vertical Center

Horizontal Center

By use of both of the above, will center the layer on the canvas

Flip-Y – Flips the layer around the Y axis, button will remain red in color when layer is in flipped position. When the layer is in its original position the

Flip-X – Flips the layer around the X axis

Positioning – Allows you to tweak the position of the layer in all four directions.

Zoom-Out – Shrinks the selected layer.

Zoom-In – Enlarges the selected layer.

Rotate Clockwise – Allows you to rotate the selected layer in a clockwise direction by the number of degrees entered.

Text Color – Available thread colors for embroidery on a design.